a better way
to LTL

We take the pain and worry out
of LTL & partial shipping

• No Cross-Docking
• Faster Transit – On Time
• Far Fewer Claims
• More Economical
• Peace of Mind


for Partial TL, Multi-stop TL, & Expedited TL

We Improve Service

At Trucker Logistics we do everything we can to provide the best service possible to our customers.

We Save You Money

We also do everything we can to provide the best service possible for the least amount of money.

Temp-controlled, Van, Flat, HotShot, Sprinter, Straight truck

Why Choose Trucker Logistics?


We Do The Right Thing (DTRT). Our singular core value is DTRT. With shipments, with relationships… at every turn. We are honest team players with work ethic who understand the importance of honesty, humility, and kindness, but those are not our core values. Those everyday values are life’s prerequisites. Show up with them or don’t show up. Doing the Right Thing on the other hand is a choice played out daily with every load and every relationship. Whether being watched or not, DTRT is our promise. It is the differentiator we look for in our team… it defines Trucker Logistics.



“Simple! The pros at Trucker Logistics are dependable. They get it.”

Beverage Company

“Chad consolidates and moves all of our chilled LTL. He is on top of our shipments. We have not had a single late delivery to any DC. Better pricing than what we are accustomed to as well.”

Midwestern Farm Supply Co.

“We stopped using our traditional LTL choices for anything over 3 pallets. Trucker has similar and sometimes better pricing without cross docking and our claims are now rare.”

Years of Experience

Clients Served

Loads Managed

It’s all about Trust.

Trucker Logistics is guided by a focus on real relationships, a grow or die mentality and a belief in leading with trust. We are most proud of being considered DEPENDABLE. If we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there.


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