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Whether it be an eight foot partial on a hotshot or an oversized load on an RGN with pilot cars, at Trucker we have the experience and driver relationships to dependably move and deliver your flatbed freight on time.  Conestoga, Flats, Steps, Hotshots, RGNs, and specialized.


Much of logistics is preplanned, but when those line down, urgent, hot rush situations arise and you need a dependable provider who can get you a sprinter or team quickly and provide GPS tracking throughout transit, contact Trucker!


Traditional LTL is prone to claims, missed pickups, long transit times, and no way to communicate during transit.  At Trucker we use dedicated straight trucks with driver assist to pull off retail roll-outs, lift gate ground deliveries, and high value partials with communication and dependability.

Why Choose Trucker Logistics?


At Trucker we have a way of doing the simple things that gets noticed, we call it The Trucker Way. 
If quality drivers, proactive communication, and integrity matter to you, please watch this video and reach out to me, Chad Almjeld, the owner of Trucker Logistics.  Thank you.



Beverage Manufacturer

“We use Trucker Logistics because they are dependable. They are helping us nationally, on a daily basis, and have for the last year. They are always available to help with capacity constraints or even just to answer questions about the industry. Their team is organized and full of strong communicators. They truly live up to their core value of ‘Do the Right Thing’. I highly recommend you give Trucker Logistics a chance to compete with your other


“The Trucker Logistics Team is always enthusiastic and prompt when sending freight quotes. They are always motivated to move our freight and find transportation that meets our needs. They provide competitive rates and communicate very well throughout the booking process. Our company enjoys working with the Trucker Logistics team and they are usually our go-to broker when looking to move product. They truly exemplify teamwork within a company and I am glad that we are able to work with them for our transportation needs.

Midwest Farm Supply Company

We have partnered with the Trucker Logistics team for about 2.5 years now. They are always responsive to our requests and always get the job done. We ask for competitive pricing and prompt service and that’s what they provide. Our customers rely on us to have stocked shelves, so it is imperative to have fast and reliable service. I would highly recommend Trucker Logistics.


”  Trucker Logistics always responds immediately to quote requests with a competitive rate. Their entire staff is well trained and knows our needs. They are always reliable and have helped us out many times with tight shipping constraints. We could not ask for a better partner to work with when it comes to shipping.”

International Equipment Rental Company

I have had the opportunity to work with Trucker Logistics for three years. Trucker has been a great partner to us on all hauls we have needed no matter the circumstances. We challenge our haulers with time sensitivity and equipment diversity. Trucker has managed the adversity we present repeatedly with superior customer service. Their level of communication through the haul process is what separates them from any other hauler we have utilized. If I have a rush or sticky logistics situation Trucker is my go to. I know I can reach them at any time and I can depend on them. Trucker is a preferred broker for me.


I have been working with Trucker Logistics for several years and have been very satisfied with all their services. The customer service is A+. They are very quick to respond to any emails and great with follow-ups when freight has been shipped and delivered, including pictures. Trucker Logistics has very competitive rates and the turnaround times on freight are done in a timely manner. They are very easy to work with, knowledgeable and very reliable.   
I would highly recommend them.


Trucker Logistics doesn’t offer jobs.  We provide an environment where A players can thrive.  Are you an A player?  If you are interested in joining our team, please reach out.


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